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TN-9 automatic viscosity tester
1, product characteristics
I plant developed by the TN 9 automatic viscosity tester is intelligent instrument designed for intrinsic viscosity determination of chemical fiber products and other high molecular. The main features of this type of machine is the use of microcomputer control and photoelectric reading, automatic judgment and calculation of print results, is a new generation product of chemical fiber products, petrochemical and other viscosity measurement update; with a large screen liquid crystal display, make the operation more simple and intuitive; beautiful appearance; the use of non-volatile devices preservation temperature compensation value and the test of historical records, so just a temperature on the temperature compensation point of the measured, overcome the original frequent proofreading, on the constant temperature system adopts the PID control so that the temperature is more stable, more precise measurements.
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The instrument adopts special Ubbelohde capillary viscometer; a machine can be four kinds of samples tested at the same time, the use of high efficiency, low operation cost; a person can perform multi machine operation, and can be connected with the lab computer system.
7, the main parameters
Measuring method accord with the national standard GB/T 17931 - 2003.
Capillary precision accords with JJG155-91 standard.
The precision of temperature control: temperature range of 0 to 120 DEG C, the temperature error of plus or minus 0.01 DEG C, the display precision is + - 0.01 DEG C.
The biggest time is 999.99 seconds.
Capillary diameter: 0.88mm.
Test range: the intrinsic viscosity of 0.1-4.0dl/g (0.5-1.5)
Precision repeatability characteristic viscosity: less than 0.004 dl/g
Reproducibility precision characteristic viscosity: less than 0.007dl/g
The average degree of polymerization (usually around 1200): 100-10000
Maximum power: 2000 W
8, size and weight
The upper frame size: 704 mm * 589 mm * 825 mm
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Weight: 150Kg