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Automatic flash ignition opening SSD-6C tester
1, the product description
SSD-6C automatically open flash point flash point determination instrument suitable for determination of petroleum products flash point and ignition point. But not suitable for the determination of fuel oil and open flash point lower than 79 DEG C petroleum products.
SSD-6C self checking, diagnosis, automatic test, query results, fault alarm and screen display and other functions, and show a clear interface, simple operation.
SSD-6C adopts the large screen LED display, keyboard input, the igniter ignition test flame using electronic, with forced air cooling system, with a super safe temperature alarm and automatically stop test and other safety measures, can store 500 test results, test data and test results support the storage, query, reservation printer interface function, 4 kinds of test optional mode according to the special need, the user can choose the flash point, search procedures, to achieve rapid testing of unknown sample oil flash point function to facilitate the.
This product design, manufacturing, inspection and comply with the following standards: GB/T3536-2008 ASTM D92