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BD-201 automatic freezing point measurement instrument
1, the product description
BD-201 automatic freezing point determination instrument suitable for jet fuel and aviation piston engine fuel.
BD-201 self checking, automatic test, crystallization temperature curve, query results, screen display, display a clear interface, simple operation.
BD-201 adopts double stage refrigeration refrigeration mode, depth, speed, test process with mechanical stirring function. The large screen LED display, keyboard input with, can store 512 test results, test data and test results support the storage, query, a printer function, set aside RS232 communication function.
This product design, manufacturing, inspection and comply with the following standards: GB/T2430-2008
2, performance index
Executive standard: GB/T2430-2008
Measuring range: room temperature to -75 Deg. C
The display precision: 0.1 C
Working voltage: AC220V, 50HZ
Machine power: 500W
Compressor power: 300W
Refrigeration mode: double stage refrigeration
Display: LCD dot matrix display, a resolution of 320 x 240
Physical size: 360 x 500 x wide deep high 400
Weight: 40KG
Printer: plugin (optional, models by my company designated)
Communication interface: RS232